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'Report': Nnamdi Asomugha May Not Be Interested In Playing For Texans

The lack of NFL news in the wake of the lockout has left us desperate, and thus, any little speck of precious NFL news is being held up, overanalyzed, and reposted left and right.

Richard Justice of The Houston Chronicle, in a throwaway line in his recent piece, wrote that Nnamdi Asomugha may not want to be a Houston Texan. Everyone jumped on this despite the fact that a) the first Texans story that Richard Justice breaks will be his first, b) it was anonymous, and c) it wasn’t even attributed to a source. “Word is.” I am going to say two words here: “Ridiculous money.”

Word is the Texans are offering Nnamdi Asomugha ridiculous money, per my sources.

The Texans were never going to be players for Asomugha without backing up the Brinks Trucks to begin with, so lets not overreact to this “news” story. If the Texans want Asomugha, they will pay him what he’s worth. If they don’t, which seems likely given Bob McNair’s history of not setting the market in free agency, then it wasn’t going to happen anyway. Maybe the Texans history will be the deciding factor if the money is close to a team like the Eagles or Giants. I doubt it, though.

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