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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Who Will Get Lucky?

With the 2011 NFL Draft now buried for good, we can focus our attention on other sports for awhile. Just kidding, now we have to have a 2012 Mock Draft!

As you might expect, Andrew Luck is the consensus No. 1 prospect in the land right now. Some other names to keep an eye out for next season include USC QB Matt Barkley, North Carolina DE Quinton Coples, WR Justin Blackmon of Oklahoma State, and WR Jeff Fuller of Texas A&M. The Texans are projected to pick 15th next year, in what I can only guess was a well-reasoned and fully-calculated decision. Here's what SB Nation has them doing with the No. 15 overall pick next year:

15. Houston Texans: Donte Paige-Moss, DE, North Carolina. This is a bit of a projection pick, but Paige-Moss profiles as a lethal 3-4 outside linebacker.

I'm sure they won't need this pick though, as Brooks Reed is a dead-cinch to become a dominant pass rusher. Right? Right. So keep your eye on Donte Paige-Moss over the offseason and see how he does.

Paige-Moss is also 15th on Mocking The Draft's big board, which also includes Texas A&M back Cyrus Gray.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.