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Andre Johnson Becomes World's Most Expensive Recruiter

On his way from recovering from a devastating foot injury that limited his explosiveness in 2010, Andre Johnson found time to host his annual football camp for children, and has also been busy making calls. Per John McClain of The Houston Chronicle, he’s talked to All-Pro fullback Vonta Leach about returning. Perhaps more importantly, he’s talked to former Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha about signing up.

“I’ve talked to him, and every time I hit him with it, it seems like it’s on his mind,” Johnson said. “I don’t even say, ‘Hey, man, what’s up?’ The first thing I say is, ’What’s up? Are you coming to Houston? What are you going to do?’ ”

When the lockout ends, Asomugha, who is regarded as one of the two best cornerbacks in the league, will become the most attractive free agent. The Texans know him very well because they play the Oakland Raiders almost every season.

“He’ll have to make a decision,” Johnson said. “I know it’ll be a big decision. He’s a very talented guy. I’d love to have him on our team.”

If the Texans aren’t able to coerce Asomugha into coming on board, as is expected and would be the norm for this franchise, Houston would likely slide down to Ike Taylor on it’s targets list. Johnson is doing his best for the franchise on and off the field.

Unfortunately, Johnson can’t control the amount of money Bob McNair is willing to spend on these two. But, as usual, he’s doing what he can to keep Houston relevant in the conversation.

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