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Kevin Walter Doesn't Drop Balls, Study Finds

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Per Pro Football Focus, with an assist from Nick Scurfield, Houston Texans wide receiver Kevin Walter has some of the softest hands in the NFL. Walter didn't beat out Bengals wideout Jordan Shipley for the top honor in 2010, but over the past three years, he has the best catch rate in the NFL according to the site's stats. Lest you think that's somewhat of an empty honor over a closely packed field, the distance between No. 2 finisher Larry Fitzgerald and No. 3 finisher Eddie Royal is nearly four times the gap between Fitzgerald and Walter, who can both claim the most consistent hands in the NFL. 


With that in mind, here is a list of ideas for ways Fitzgerald and Walter can spend their time during the lockout:
- Hand modeling
- Defeating super villains whose aesthetic revolves around shooting catchable objects at people
- Filming those post-commercial segues in Seattle's ports where men throw fish at each other.
- Delivering children
- Extremely expensive rent-a-pillow.


Or I guess they could practice football. I mean, whatever. It's not like the season is even going to be the same now that they've cancelled the rookie symposium. Matt Schaub will start calling plays and all of the sudden some stray Redskins rookie is just going to appear in the backfield and nervously ask where his game is and if it's okay if he buys his friends alcohol if they promise not to drive. Rookies, you know? Rookies.


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