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McClain: Texans '20-80' To Sign Nnamdi Asomugha

The NFL Lockout is dragging on, meaning that all we have to rely on are hearsay and conjecture when it comes to free agency. Fortunately, as Lionel Hutz informs us, those are kinds of evidence.

So hey, here’s your Nnamdi Asomugha update of the week, per John McClain’s latest chat at The Chronicle: he puts the odds of Asomugha wearing a Texans uniform at 20-80.

Comment From kh
What are the odds the Texans get Asomugha?

John McClain: 20-80. It just depends on guaranteed money.

Is it me, or is that figure a little optimistic?

Either way, Nnamdi is still unlikely to be a Texan, we still don’t have an actual NFL season, and Bob McNair will likely not open up the vault for a free agent out of fear of setting the market. Got it? Great. I’ll see you back here next week so we can pretend that there is news to report on when it comes to the Texans.

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