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McClain: Foster Won't Hold Out This Offseason

Per John McClain’s most recent NFL chat, which sadly passes as the best chance of obtaining actual Texans news these days, running back Arian Foster will not attempt a hold out this offseason and the Texans will probably take care of him after the 2011 season:

Comment From Jimbo
Do u think we will have problems with holdouts

John McClain: Foster says he’ll report instead of holding out trying to get a new deal. They want him to do it again. Then he’ll get a new deal. Leach won’t be a holdout. He’ll get the offer he wants from another team or re-sign with the Texans. I don’t look holdouts to be a problem. They usually get their guys signed on time.

Very classy of Arian Foster, perhaps in light of the fact that the Texans were the ones who actually gave him a chance to get on the field? I don’t know that I would be so forgiving if I were in his shoes, considering the shelf-life of an NFL running back essentially forces him to get his as soon as he can.

Houston is guaranteed to have some bargain production next year from the NFL’s leading rusher, which hypothetically should help them shore up some holes on the defensive side of the ball if there actually is free agency this year. Sounds like good news all-around for Texans fans.

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