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Ahman Green Was Warned About Rick Smith Prior To Signing

Ex-Texans running back Ahman Green decided to tell his side of the story from his Houston tenure yesterday, and went on Sean Pendergast’s show on 1560 to try to explain what happened to him when he was a Texan. Of course, he talked about his injuries, about his father having cancer, tough times with his daughters: the type of stories that fans are isolated from because of the “tough guy” image the league projects.

But perhaps more interestingly, Green went on a mini-rant about current Texans GM Rick Smith. What he was warned about, he does not say, but I think if you read between the lines you’ll find that it’s probably rather unsavory. Green also revealed that at one point, Smith directly asked him if he was faking his injuries.

It would have been nice to have seen Green be a little more contrite and take more ownership of his tenure with the Texans in the interview, but those Rick Smith allegations can’t make Texans fans feel any better about a front office figure who is already known to stay out of the limelight. Smith had held the confidence of most Texans fans until last season, when he decided to start Kareem Jackson as a rookie and did little to bolster what was already a lackluster secondary in free agency.

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