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NFL Rumor Mill Links Steve Slaton To The St. Louis Rams

Trade speculation surrounding former rookie phenom turned ousted Houston Texans running back Steve Slaton is nothing new, but today may or may not mark the first time a possible suitor has been linked to him via the ever-present NFL Rumor Mill. 

CBS Sports' Len Pasquarelli passes on information that Slaton may have a potential landing spot in St. Louis with Steven Jackson and the Rams:

Rumors have linked him to St. Louis, where the Rams could use a reliable back capable of getting 6-8 touches per game, to reduce the workload for Steven Jackson, but the talk has been unsubstantiated.

Len's use of the word "rumors" already implies that the talk has been unsubstantiated, but I think that's his way of saying "**I** think Steve Slaton would be a good fit in St. Louis and while I've heard nothing to intimate these plans are in the works, it sounds better if I say "rumors link" him to the Rams."

Even after his disastrous second and third seasons in Houston, which were plagued with injuries and a ridiculously maddening fumble problem - I stil, still think he can be a solid NFL contributor. That said, it probably needs to happen elsewhere. He could use a change of scenery I'm sure, and the Texans are pretty stacked in a backfield that features Arian Foster, Derrick Ward, and Ben Tate

Still, with Gary Kubiak's offensive smarts and Slaton's pass-catching ability, I'd love to see him get worked into the offensive scheme somehow, but it would be silly to burn a roster spot for that possibility on a guy who still runs timid, may still have a fumbling problem, and was sadly one of the most God-awful kick return men I've ever seen.

We already know Slaton is on the outs, but it will be interesting to see how he does in a complimentary back role, possibly behind a powerful grinder like Jackson in St. Louis.

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