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NFL Lockout: James Casey Forced To Shop At Academy For Pads

Look at what you've done, NFL. All these players want is a chance to continue to play football for a reasonable salary, and now that training camps are in danger, they may not get the chance to do that. You've taken their dignity, you've taken their pride, you've taken...their pads.

So all that was left for Texans tight end James Casey to do was to hit up his local Academy in a hunt for football pads. Now look at him:


Look at the hangdog expression. The pads that barely seem to cover any of his shoulders. The thought that this man could be playing football anywhere (although likely at Rice with the rest of the Texans offense) with so little between him and contusions. Plus the fact that the pads generally make him look like he's playing Pop Warner football.

Whose baby is this? Indeed, NFL. This is definitely your baby right here.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.