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Rivers On NFL Free Agency Over At ESPN

Our former Fearless Leader has some really great lists, talking about free agents in the NFL. Since that's going to dominate the news over the next few weeks, let's get a jump on all the talk with these pieces on who the big-time free agents out there might be.

The two lists Rivers makes are the best free agent fits and the best free agent values. Follow me after the jump as we talk about Johnathan Joseph, Quintin Mikell and more...

Rivers best fit for Joseph is the Texans. He makes some solid points, like that Houston values signing young players on the free agent market, and Joseph is younger than Nnamdi. He has had some injury issues, however, which are a little scary. It's also telling that, while Joseph is the second-best corner on the market, there are two others on the best value list, including former Baltimore corner Josh Wilson. You remember him, don't you Texans fans? Didn't he make that interception in the end zone in that overtime game? Yep, he sure did.

Not sure if the Texans will have the money to sign both Nnamdi and a guy like Wilson or Carlos Rodgers, but it'd certainly help to get two cornerbacks. Or, if you prefer, adding a bargain safety like MIkell (who might not be a "bargain" in the money sense) and one of those second corners. Having both Nnamdi or Joseph plus Rodgers or Mikell would be pretty sweet, but Houston's cap situation may make that impossible. So, the Texans might settle for Nnamdi and Gerald Sensabaugh, which will still improve a truly terrible secondary.

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