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Houston Texans Sign LSU Wideout Terrence Tolliver

The undrafted free agent news is coming in fast and furious. The latest report, via NFL Network, is that Houston has added Terrence Tolliver to the six players they signed last night. It's the second player added at the wide receiver position, as the Texans signed former Oregon wideout Jeff Maehl last night. They also added two fullback types in Colorado State's Zac Pauga and Carroll College's Bubba Bartlett.


I've always kept an eye on Tolliver, as he was a pretty highly touted prospect coming out of Hempstead, just up the road from Houston. I covered a high school basketball game he played in, and he was clearly a very athletic high school player, but was also the best player on a pretty average team (that ended up getting beat by Madisonville). He went to LSU and had a somewhat disappointing career (which led to him not being drafted).


However, he's got solid potential and his local connections make him a good camp body. With the compressed schedule, there's a bigger chance that the NFL and Texans will see some surprises from players no one saw coming. As much as Maehl makes sense as a slot receiving prospect, Tolliver could also fit that bill.


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