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Andre Johnson Still Fighting Through Effects Of Finger Injury

It's been a little over a week since Andre Johnson left practice with a dislocation to his left index finger. Fans of the Houston Texans were relieved to learn that the injury wasn't too serious -- as in no surgery would be required. But that doesn't mean the five-time Pro Bowler isn't dealing with the effects of the painful injury since returning to practice this week. Johnson gave KILT in Houston an update on his finger injury during a Tuesday interview, and from the sound of it, Johnson is still in quite a bit of pain and is in an adjustment period as he tries to put the injury out of his mind while catching balls.↵↵

How his finger feels:↵↵ ↵

“It’s a little sore. It’s in a splint for most of the day. The only time it’s not in a splint is when I’m out here. We’re still waiting for the wounds to close up but it’s not stopping me from practicing so that’s a good thing.” ↵↵

Whether or not he was scared to try and catch a ball with his finger at first: ↵↵

“I wasn’t scared. I think the biggest thing was I looked at my finger and said ‘wow that looks kinda ugly.’ I popped it back into place and once I popped it back into place I really didn’t think nothing of it. I just went to get buddy tape and when I went to take my glove off blood was just running down my hand.” ↵↵

How tough it has been to gain back his confidence in that finger: ↵↵

"At times you’re kinda hesitant about sticking your hands up there rather than body catch it. That’s just part of it because you have to gain the confidence back. My first day at practice I caught myself doing that at times and actually one of the balls popped off my facemask. One of the first few passes I tried to catch I was just getting that confidence back and getting used to catching the ball. You know I wear a splint now on my finger so I have to get used to catching the ball with that on also. It’s been a little different. Like I said I’m just excited to be back out here.”


The Texans being their preseason schedule against the New York Jets on Monday Night Football next week. It's not yet clear if Johnson will suit up or not, but considering how important Johnson is to the Texans' success, I wouldn't be surprised if he's held out of the first of four preseason games in order to let his finger continue the healing process. ↵↵

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