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NFL Salary Cap: Houston Texans Have $866,564 Available

A mystery is solved, thanks to’s Jason La Canfora, as the official league salary cap numbers have been released.

Your Houston Texans, after you make adjustments for the $3 million veteran exemption and/or a re-allocation of money from 2011 to 2009, have $866,564 of available cap space this season.

I don’t know who’s eating up the entire salary cap, but a simple way to alleviate space would be to sign outside linebacker Mario Williams to a more cap friendly deal. Williams, in the last year of his rookie contract, is scheduled to make nearly $14 million this season. You can also move other guys who are making more than what they are worth to the team (Hi, Steve Slaton). More cap room would also become available at the end of the season with expired contracts and dead cap money coming off the books.  

Of course, resigning Mario Williams to a cap friendly deal is future Rick Smith’s problem. Current Rick Smith has improved his roster and has them under the salary cap for the 2011 NFL season.


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