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Two Houston Texans Named In University Of Miami Scandal

Today, the proverbial fecal matter hit the fan for the University of Miami football program. Convicted Ponzi schemer and former Miami booster Nevin Shapiro has admitted to Yahoo! Sports that he lavished cash, gifts, favors, and even an aborting on a bevy of Hurricane players from 2002-2010. You can read about the stunning allegations here.

Why bring this up on a Houston sports blog? Well, there are eight former Hurricanes currently on the Houston Texans roster - including two named in the allegations. Jump to see who they are and the lavish riches they received.

All-Pro wide receiver Andre Johnson and reserve inside linebacker Darryl Sharpton are two of 72 players named by Shapiro, and corroborated by other sources, as those benefiting from Shapiro's generosity.

What did they receive? In Johnson's case it was some drinks and VIP access. It was the same for Sharpton, but he was also entertained at Shapiro's mansion and had a bounty incentive offered to him. We won't get into the notion of paying college athletes, but some drinks and food are not a major deal - especially compared to many other players.

Neither man could be reached for comment by Yahoo, but I assure you both, along with the other Hurricanes-turned-Texans, will be asked about these allegations and their thoughts on this storm surrounding The U after tomorrow's practice.

Battle Red Blog is your place for all things Houston Texan while The 7th Floor will have all the coverage of the Miami allegations from the perspective of Miami fans.

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