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Sean Pendergast Projects The Texans' 53-man Roster

This is a couple of days late, but Sean Pendergast spent some time breaking down the 53-man roster. He's got some interesting choices, including the first five draft picks making the team, along with T.J. Yates.


Let's look at just a couple of positions to see where his scenario leaves the Texans. In the secondary, he's got Glover Quin starting with Danieal Manning at safety with Troy Nolan and Shiloh Keo as the backup safeties. I don't know about you, but I feel much better with Nolan as a backup safety than a regular contributor. He got a lot of publicity last season for the interceptions, but he's not really ready to be a contributor on a playoff team. Same goes for someone young like Keo, who might be good, but looks better suited as a special teams contributor early on.


The other interesting area is at fullback and tight end. Before Houston signed Lawrence Vickers, we had James Casey as the starting fullback. After adding Vickers, there's a little more flexibility there, meaning VIckers can see a good chunk of time with Casey being more of a Frank Wycheck/Chris Cooley "H-back" role. In that situation, Casey can also take time as the third tight end behind O.D. and Joel Dreesen.


It's a pretty solid roster overall, even before cuts start getting made, but I like this projection. For once, Houston's got some depth on both sides of the ball. Now if only they'll take to Wade's new defense quickly...

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.