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Texans Waive Two Undrafted Free Agents

With all the fuss about signings, bringing in Johnathan Joseph and Danieal Manning and the start of football again, it was inevitable that there would be casualties sooner or later. That other shoe started dropping with two players getting released late Monday.


Those two players were fullback Bubba Bartlett and defensive end Zane Parr. Neither were heralded picks nor thought to stick on the roster. Bartlett in particular lost a good chance at landing a spot when Lawrence Vickers signed last week. 


However, this will not be the last time players are cut and they'll probably start coming this quickly too. The fact is, with this reduced practice time and short turnaround until the start of the season, repetitions will be at a premium. The Texans won't be able to keep as many warm bodies in practice over the next few weeks as in past years, so we'll probably see more cuts coming quickly in the next week or so.


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