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Week 2 NFL Power Rankings (Weekly Update)

A look at how the Houston Texans fare in the 2011 power rankings.

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I could use this space to talk about the Houston Texans’ 11th place ranking on SBNation’s list of imaginary power, but that seems even more pointless than before.

"Daniel, how can trivial rankings become even more pointless," asks the intelligent and handsome reader base. Let me show you how, dear reader.

After the Jets struggled their way to victory, which the writer details, he lists them fifth while other teams behind them had more impressive wins. If this is about power, all the Jets showed was that they had the power to choke less than Dallas.

The Steelers are seventh in this list because the writer knows "they’re a good team." How does he know that? You can’t base it on last year’s team.

In similarly related being dominated doesn't matter news, the Falcons look abysmal in Chicago, but they’re 10th ahead of nine teams who won - four of those by more than two scores. That also includes the 21st ranked Bills, many of whom thought were the most impressive team on Sunday.

The Giants over the Redskins? Yeah, that makes total 28-14 sense.

Kansas City at 25th? It helps that the writer admits he’s a Chiefs fan because that’s the only reason they’re ahead of teams who looked better than them, one of which who won (Cincinnati). It certainly isn’t their inspiring performances over the past month or the season-long loss of their talented safety.

I don’t mean to pick on SBN’s own power rankings. You can see many other head-scratching decisions and explanations on other power rankings. People tend to ignore the fact that there are 16 teams who won, 16 who lost, and that’s what we know at this point. If you're not going to factor wins and losses into it at all then what's the point? Exactly my point.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.