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2011 NFL Standings: Texans Lead The AFC South

The Texans sit at the top of the AFC South, but will there be any true competition for them in that division?

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Though the season is only a week old, there are already standings implications going on throughout the NFL. Let's start off with how the AFC South looks after the opening weekend.

The Texans and Jaguars sit at the top of the South at 1-0. Houston has a slight edge based on point differential, but that's relatively meaningless at this point. The real question is whether the Texans have an edge already on the TItans, who lost to Jacksonville. I know the Jaguars aren't terrible yet, since they haven't switched to Blaine Gabbert yet, but there isn't much hope for them to contend. In fact, the Jags looked much better than the hapless Colts. 

Most of the divisions look pretty even, except for the NFC South, who had a horrible opening weekend. It's the only division in the NFL that doesn't have a victory as all four teams lost on the opening weekend.

Houston's next opponent, the Miami Dolphins are sitting in last in the AFC East after falling to the Patriots on Monday Night Football. They're the only AFC East team who lost, as the Bills won impressively over the Chiefs and the Jets held on to beat the Cowboys.

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