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2011 Fantasy Football Week 2 Houston Texans Start/Sit

Schaub and Andre are no-brainers. What about the rest of the team?

Well, well, well, let's check in on the Houston Texans and how they should fare against the Miami Dolphins this week.

No, not for realsies. In fantasy football, of course. That's all that really matters, don't you know?

Well, judging by what Tom Brady did to the Dolphins, I'd start Matt Schaub for sure. He threw for a respectable total against a bad Colts defense and should be able to do some damage against Miami too. Of course, the New England offense is very, very good, so you can't expect Schaub to have 400+ yards passing, but he will probably get at least two touchdown passes if things break right.

Same goes for Andre Johnson, who I expect will have a bigger week than he did against Indy. That's because he was basically shut down in the second half to not run up the score. Given a full game's production and since Kevin Walter will be out, expect 'Dre to be targeted early and often.

Speaking of the Walter injury, it looks like Jacoby Jones might be bumped up to consideration for a flex start this week. He's not a lock to get great numbers, but his big play ability could pay off in a non-PPR league. If you're playing for receptions, go with either Owen Daniels or James Casey, as they figure to benefit the most from Walter's absence.

Arian Foster owners, beware. You should see him in the game against Miami, but it's not clear what his role will be yet. I can almost definitely say he won't get 30 carries and may not get half that, but he will play. If you're leaning towards the safe side, start Ben Tate, as he should see at least 10 carries and may get used down on the goal line again. 

As for the defense, I'd hold off on starting Houston just yet. They benefitted from a return touchdown last week and a bad Colts offensive line (what part of that Colts team isn't bad?). It's too early to judge how effective Wade Phillips' defense will be, but since Chad Henne and Co. looked pretty frisky against a good New England unit, expect some points scored on the Texans.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.