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Week 2 NFL Picks

Picking all the games this week in the NFL

HOUSTON - NOVEMBER 28:  Houston Texans fans cheer on their defense againstd the Tennessee Titans at Reliant Stadium on November 28 2010 in Houston Texas.  (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
HOUSTON - NOVEMBER 28: Houston Texans fans cheer on their defense againstd the Tennessee Titans at Reliant Stadium on November 28 2010 in Houston Texas. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
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You may not have asked, but here are some thoughts on this weeks' NFL games...Check out SB Nation's for a somewhat smarter guide to these things.

Chicago Bears at New Orleans Saints: This may be one of the most interesting games from a fantasy perspective. We'll come closer to finding out if the Bears defense is for real, even though Chicago will miss Brian Urlacher's presence. We'll also see if the Saints' offensive struggles against the Packers was because they were facing the best defense in the league or because they aren't going to be as good this season. I'm leaning towards Chicago being worse than last week showed. Pick: New Orelans 27, Chicago 14

Houston Texans at Miami Dolphins: If the New England Patriots can rough up the Dolphins, what will Matt Schaub and Co. do? Even without a fully healthy Arian Foster, I expect the Texans offense to do pretty well. The real test will be this crazy new defensive scheme. Will Wade Phillips be able to shut down a rejuvenated Chad Henne? Pick: Houston 30, Miami 24

Oakland Raiders at Buffalo Bills: Both teams surprised last week, but which one was for real? There is a chance both offenses will be better than expected this season. If I had to pick a team that's more legitimate, though, I'd lean towards Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Bills rather than putting money on Jason Campbell. Pick: Buffalo 28, Oakland 20

Kansas City Chiefs at Detroit Lions: This game could get ugly. Kansas City will be in the running for the first overall pick in next year's draft, especially after losing safety Eric Berry. Detroit's offense could score 40 points in this one before they even blink. Pick: Detroit 35, Kansas City 6

Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans: This game used to be a pretty good rivalry. It'll still be tough for the Ravens to win there, but this Titans team could look different than the one that lost to Jacksonville last week. Another week of practice for Chris Johnson, another week for Kenny Britt and Matt Hasselbeck to get on the same page and this offense could hum. The only question is whether the Titans defense can slow down Ray Rice and Co. I doubt that'll happen. Pick: Baltimore 31, Tennessee 28

Cleveland Browns at Indianapolis Colts: I don't think a team could look as bad as the Colts did against Houston. However, Cleveland losing like it did to a bad Cincinnati team is right up there. The Browns need a solid performance out of Colt McCoy and a B- effort from Peyton Hillis to win this one. I'm not sure what the Colts need to do, especially with Gary Brackett and Ernie Sims both out for this one. Pick: Cleveland 24, Indianapolis 14

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Minnesota Vikings: For a guy who just earned $100 million, Adrian Peterson didn't set any worlds on fire last week. Meanwhile, the Bucs continue to be underrated, though they, too, are 0-1 after the first week, just like everyone else in the NFC South. The Minnesota defense is not nearly as imposing without Pat Williams and Kevin Williams, who's still serving his suspension for the StarCaps incident. The only thing the VIkings have going is this game is in Minnesota, but that's a very small advantage. Pick: Tampa Bay 27, Minnesota 21

Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Jets: After playing a so-so Titans team last week, the Jaguars are being thrown into the proverbial fire in New York. Sure, the Jets probably cashed in a bit of emotional credit with last week's win over the Cowboys on 9/11, but they're still a very good team. The Jets should win this handily. Pick: New York 28, Jacksonville 10

Seattle Seahawks at Pittsburgh Steelers: After losing a wild game to the 49ers last week, the Seahawks get a double-whammy of flying across country and playing a hurting Steelers team that lost a big game to Baltimore and should be looking to make a statement. That does not bode well for Pete Carroll's team. Pick: Pittsburgh 31, Seattle 7.

Arizona Cardinals at Washington Redskins: Call me crazy, but any defense that gives up 400 passing yards to Cam Newton cannot be trusted. Add to that a frisky Washington team and this one could be another lopsided win. Pick: Washington 27, Arizona 17

Green Bay Packers at Carolina Panthers: Speaking of good as he was last week, the Packers will be better. He is going to have a bad game in this one, but that won't be indicative of whether he can continue to be a good player this season. Green Bay's defense is just tough. Aaron Rodgers and Co. should have a pretty easy time of it against this defense, especially after Jon Beason's injury. Pick: Green Bay 38, Carolina 14

Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers: If I had to pick one crazy upset this week, it'd be this game. Dallas is going from an east coast night game all the way to San Francisco. The 49ers were incredibly lucky against Seattle and won't benefit from those special teams points this time. However, there could be something going on for new head coach Jim Harbaugh. Add in the hangover from a tough, tough Dallas loss and this one could surprise. Pick: San Francisco 28, Dallas 27

Cincinnati Bengals at Denver Broncos: Any time your fans are chanting for Tim Tebow, it's not good times. Cincy's miracle win against Cleveland may not be duplicated all season, even if A.J. Green showed signs of being special in that game. I wonder if the Bengals are hoping that Andy Dalton's not recovered in time so Bruce Gradkowski will start. Pick: Denver 21, Cincinnati 14

San Diego Chargers at New England Patriots: My nomination for the best afternoon game of the bunch. The Patriots get to open at home against a Chargers team that's also flying cross country. Teams that do that fare pretty poorly usually, but the later start time should help with that. Expect another wild shootout between two very good passing offenses. Pick: New England 34, San Diego 31

Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons: No better story lines than the ones in this game. Mike Vick back in Atlanta again. Matt Ryan trying to be unbeatable at home. Atlanta trying to regain that magic from last season. The Eagles trying to show why they're the Dream Team. Pick: Philadelphia 35, Atlanta 28

St. Louis Rams at New York Giants: This would be such a better game without all the injuries. As it is with Hakeem Nicks and Steven Jackson out, this will be a fairly run-heavy affair. Plus, I wouldn't exactly trust Eli right now if Dominic Hixon is his best receiver. Pick: New York 17, St. Louis 10

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