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Week 2 NFL Scores And Results

The early games are all finished, so let's run through the scores: 

Pittsburgh 24, Seattle 0: Boy, did Pittsburgh have something to prove or what? Pete Carroll's team is now 0-2 and looks to give Kansas City a run as the worst team in the league. My pick: Pittsburgh (that was easy)

New York Jets 32, Jacksonville 3: Another of a few blowout in the early games. Seems Jacksonville may have played a bit over its head last week against the Titans. My pick: New York (another easy one)

New Orleans 30, Chicago 13: Well, the Saints sure bounced back well after that close loss to the Packers. They didn't even seem to miss Marquis Colston much and got a solid effort from Mark Ingram. For the Bears, it's going to be hard to contend if their offensive line remains as wretched as it was in this one. My pick: New Orleans (these were all gimmes)

Tampa Bay 24, Minnesota 20: One of a handful of very exciting finishes in the early games. Despite a huge game from Adrian Peterson (120 yards, 2 TDs), Josh Freeman led the Bucs down the field in the fourth quarter and threw the go-ahead touchdown. My pick: Tampa Bay (so far, so good)

Cleveland 27, Indianapolis 19: This score was closer than the game actually was, as the Colts threw a late touchdown to Dallas Clark that basically meant nothing. Cleveland bounced back from a bad loss to Cincy, but still didn't look very impressive. Add the Colts to Seattle and KC as candidates for that top pick in 2012. My pick: Cleveland (5 for 5)

Tennessee 26, Baltimore 13: The only real surprise of these games, as Baltimore failed to show up in this one. No big game for the TItans, but was a win in this rivalry that has lost steam in recent years. My pick: Baltimore (I am very disappointed in you, Joe Flacco)

Detroit 48, Kansas City 3: This one was ugly. Just ugly. Calvin Johnson caught two touchdowns on a bum ankle and the Chiefs looks absolutely horrendous. Plus, they lost their best player in Jamaal Charles to an apparent knee injury. My pick: Detroit (Lots of easy picks in these early ones)

Buffalo 38, Oakland 33: What an exciting finish. There was not a lot of defense in the fourth quarter, but it made for great TV, as the two teams traded touchdowns late before Ryan FItzpatrick found David Nelson for the game winner with 18 seconds left. My pick: Buffalo (that's 7 for 8 on the early games, but it's very easy to pick games when you're not picking against the spread)

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.