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Peyton Manning Will Likely Not Play On Sunday

After officially being listed as doubtful on the Colts injury report, Peyton Manning's chances of playing against the Texans in Week One just took a nosedive. At least, that's what the preliminary research out of Football Outsiders is saying. 

Manning's neck just doesn't seem to be getting better, as doctors continue to look at it. Doesn't sound like Manning will be forced to have another surgery, but things are not good for the Indy quarterback. The Colts will likely turn to the recently signed Kerry Collins to start against Houston, which is pretty much the best thing I've heard in a while.


Yes, Collins will be good enough to run that offense, but Peyton Manning is what made the Colts scary. Without him, are Joseph Addai, Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark all that formidable? Is Collins really in a place where he can scare a team any more?


We still have plenty of time left before the start of that first game of the season, so things may change. For the moment, though, it appears the Texans will luck out and miss Peyton for a crucial early game.

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