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Point Spread Rising With Manning's Injury

Though this site doesn't advocate gambling (officially), it's very interesting how much the line has risen recently since Peyton Manning was ruled doubtful for Sunday's game.

Before Manning was placed on the injury report, the line was -1 for the Texans, which means the Colts were still slightly favored since the home team gets about -3 points just for being at home. Now, however, the Texans have seen a rise of eight points in the line, up to -9 in a day's time. Who knows where the line will finish by the end of the week, but it's clear Vegas has no faith in Kerry Collins.

What's interesting is how much Manning is affecting the gambling lines all around. Most of the futures bets on who will win the AFC South were taken off the board after Manning's neck did not heal as quickly as expected. That's a heck of an influence for one player to exert over an entire division, but I can totally buy that. For me, the Colts game goes from a big one to an easy one with Kerry Collins under center. 

More importantly, with no Manning, the Texans should have a nice, easy start to the season to break in a new defense, since they'll also be playing the Miami Dolphins in Week Two.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.