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Texans Vs. Bengals Score Update: Houston Ties The Game At Seven On An Arian Foster Score

The Houston Texans responded to the Cincinnati Bengals touchdown by tying the game at seven on an Arian Foster on an 8-yard touchdown run. This was the first drive that the Texans were able to consistently move the ball down the field, and this drive went six plays for 80 yards.

On this drive the Texans were also aided by a penalty to move the ball down the field, but unlike the 52-yard pass interference play against the Texans which helped the Bengals score, this was a 15-yard penalty. The penalty was called on the Bengals' Reggie Nelson who was called for hitting a defenseless receiver. Texans tight end Owen Daniels caught a 21-yard pass before he absorbed the hit by Nelson:


That penalty put the Texans at the Bengals 20-yard line. The Texans then took the ground game by giving Foster the ball on three straight plus which ended in a touchdown to tie the game at seven apiece.

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Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.