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Texans Vs. Bengals Score: Andre Johnson Scores Touchdown To Give Houston A 24-10 Lead

The Houston Texans have now scored the 17 unanswered points and now have a 24-10 lead heading into the fourth quarter. The latest touchdown came when T.J. Yates completed a 40-yard touchdown pass to Andre Johnson, and the touchdown was Johnson's first touchdown since Sept. 18. Johnson beat cornerback Adam Jones on the touchdown, Jones actually came a play earlier for an injury and then was beat deep on the touchdown on his first play back.

The Bengals Chris Crocker had a chance to intercept a Yates pass a few plays earlier and possibly could have returned it for a large gain, but he could not hold onto the pass.

The Texans now have a commanding 24-10 lead heading into the fourth quarter and the way that the Texans defense has been playing this lead seems safe.

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