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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Where Will Houston Cougars QB Case Keenum End Up?

With USC's Matt Barkley and Oklahoma's Landry Jones returning for their senior seasons, one could wonder where an all-time great like Houston Cougars quarterback Case Keenum could land in the 2012 NFL Draft...the answer? No one really knows.

While some services have Keenum as high as the 10th-best quarterback, others have him as low as 16th. The fact of the matter is that some team will take a chance on Keenum in the later rounds. An interesting observation from the Washington Times would suggest that Keenum could definitely make a roster, at least as some team's backup QB:

But is this year’s resume enough to make Keenum a draft pick or at the very least get him on an NFL roster? Wes Bunting, the National Football Post’s director of college scouting, thinks so. He said that while Keenum doesn’t have the size and the arm strength to make all of the throws in the NFL, he has shown some improvement this year and as he gets older will get stronger and more precise. While it might not make him a starter, it should make him a quality backup.

It seems that the Cougars' lineage of QB's (Ware, Klingler, Kolb) aren't necessarily helping Keenum's cause, but its up to Case to prove his case once April rolls around.

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