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Texans Wade Phillips Will Interview For Buccaneers Head Coaching Job

Texans defensive coordinator may get his sixth shot as a head coach as he has been recognized for his success in running the Texans defense. Phillips will interview with the Bucs this Friday for their head coach opening.

Houston Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips has been the architect behind the Texans defense this year which has been one of the better units in the NFL. With that success Phillips is a target Tampa Bay Buccaneers vacant head coaching position and will interview with them on Friday:

"I'm gratified somebody noticed," Phillips said Sunday about his 83-64 record as a head coach. "We'll talk and see how much interest (Tampa Bay) has in me."


"I'm torn," he said. "I don't want to leave Houston. I love it here. But I'd like to get a chance to be a head coach again."

The Texans take on the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday and Phillips mentioned that the game plan will already be in place, so he will not be losing any coaching time by interviewing.

Phillips has been a head coach for five NFL teams with his most recent stint being with the Dallas Cowboys from 2007-10 where he had a record of 38-24.

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