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Johnathan Joseph says Texans face 'big test' against Packers

Can the Houston Texans defeat the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night? Johnathan Joseph believers it will be a big test for the team.

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Undefeated through five games, the Houston Texans haven't faced many teams that are considered to be legitimate contenders for the playoffs. In fact, each of their five victories have come over teams that couldn't crack the top half of Joel Thorman's power rankings.

However, cornerback Johnathan Joseph told KGOW in Houston that the Texans will face a "big test" when they face the Packers in Week 6:

"Going up against a team like Green Bay, they are stacked across the board at the skill positions with guys that can make plays at any moment. For us it's going to be a sound game where you have to be sound and cover the things like that because with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback, he can extend the drive with his legs and he can pretty much put the ball in any spot at any given time. So for us it will be a big test, but that's what the NFL is about at the same time."

One season after finishing 15-1, the Packers have struggled early in 2012, losing their opener, a controversial Monday Night Football game, and most recently against the Colts in Week 5. However, Rodgers and the Packers still have the respect of many and the Texans will have to adjust to the absence of linebacker Brian Cushing.

After tearing his ACL in a Monday night win over the Jets, Cushing was placed on the injured reserve, ending his 2012 season. Joseph is confident though, that Tim Dobbins will be able to effectively replace Cushing in the lineup:

"You are never going to replace a guy like Cush and what he brings to the team. From attitude, the intensity, he's vocal every down, sideline to sideline and obviously as a team we have a lot of faith in Tim Dobbins. He's played a lot of football as well. We feel comfortable with him filling that role for us for Brian, but like I said you can't replace a guy like Brian. It takes a little extra from everybody else to help out and just help Tim to keep going where he needs to be playing."

Sunday night's game between the Packers and Texans is scheduled to begin at 8:20 p.m. ET.

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