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Brian Cushing injury: Texans LB focused on rehab

Texans linebacker Brian Cushing is now turning his focus to rehabbing his knee, and cheering on the team.

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing has accepted his new role with the team now that he is out for the year with an ACL tear, an injury he suffered last week against against the Jets. Cushing spoke to the media for the first time on Friday after he suffered the season-ending injury.

He discussed with how his role has changed with the team, and how he wants to return to the field as a better player:

"My role completely changed in a matter of minutes. Now it's my responsibility to get healthy. I have to rehab the best I can. When I get back on the field is up to me and the doctors."

The surgery has yet to be scheduled, Cushing is waiting for the swelling of his knee to go down, and he also has yet to choose a doctor to perform the surgery on his knee. Cushing also mentioned how he has no hard feelings toward Jets guard Matt Slauson, and said that injuries are part of the game.

His goal is the same as it was before which is for the Texans to twin the Super Bowl, and he will do that by cheering on the team as well as providing any insight to help his defensive teammates.

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