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Texans vs. Packers: Houston didn't need to win, and lost

The Houston Texans lost their game against the Packers in such listless fashion because they didn't need to win, according to Ultimate Texans.

Scott Halleran - Getty Images

Nothing was pretty about the Houston Texans' first loss of the season on Sunday. The team looked listless on offense and the defense let Aaron Rodgers carve them apart like a turkey.

Reactions from the media were generally not of a panicked mood, though it was confirmed that the Texans are not a perfect ball club, even if they may have appeared to be one through the first five weeks of the season.

The Ultimate Texans blog posited that the Texans looked so bored out on the field because they didn't need to win, while the Packers needed that win desperately:

There was, however, something missing from the Texans that night, something difficult to really put your finger on, something intangible. Had they become overconfident? Complacent? Bored?

It could have been the wake-up call they needed.

Instead, they hit the snooze button.

Against the Baltimore Ravens in their next game, the Texans won't have the luxury of being able to sleepwalk through the four quarters. Following several key injuries on defense and a poor performance against the Cowboys, they'll be fired up -- just like the Packers were.

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