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Texans vs. Ravens: Jonathan Joseph could return Sunday

Jonathan Joseph could play on Sunday for the Houston Texans despite groin pain.

Larry French

Cornerback Jonathan Joseph could return to the Houston Texans on Sunday when they face off against the Baltimore Ravens. According to Texans head coach Gary Kubiak, Joseph was working with the trainers after two weeks of missed practices due to a groin problem.

Joseph has not yet missed any games due to the groin soreness, but had to sit out more practices this week than any weeks prior due to the injury. His coaches are optimistic that he will continue to stay off of the 'Out' section of the injury report against the Ravens.

The Ravens are dealing with several injuries of their own, including knocks on big name defensive players like Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs. With the Ravens resting several players, the Texans will have their best chance to win the game with the healthiest team they can get out there.

Houston will face the Ravens on Sunday at noon ET.

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