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Ravens vs. Texans 2012: Houston holds down Baltimore's offense

Battle Red Blog discussed how the Texans held down the Baltimore Ravens offense in their 43-13 wins.

Thomas B. Shea

Going into their game against the Baltimore Ravens, the Houston Texans were the favorite if only because the Ravens had several big injuries on their defense. The game ended completely in Houston's court, with the Texans taking control early and holding it for the full game, winning 43-13.

Baltimore's offense was fairly healthy going into the game, but the Texans' defense, led by many different players, held them to only 13 points and forced turnovers for points as the game went along. It was enough to earn their first ever win over Baltimore, in solid fashion.

Houston Texans blog Battle Red Blog was impressed by the way that the Texans were able to take down a healthy Ravens offense despite having defensive injuries of their own going into the game:

There's no question that the Ravens have suffered some key injuries, but their offense was pretty healthy coming into this game and was ranked fifth in yards, eighth in points, and eighth in DVOA. With J.J. Watt having his quietest game of the year (though still making a significant impact), the Texans' defense absolutely shut them down. And oh yeah, the Texans are also missing their emotional leader (and better performing) middle linebacker.

The Texans will be on their bye next weekend before taking on the Buffalo Bills the following week in Houston.

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