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2012 NFL Power Rankings: Texans stay put after bye week

It will likely take a Falcons loss if the Texans hope to wrestle the top spot away in the power rankings.

Thomas B. Shea

With a bye on Week 8, the Houston Texans didn't get a chance to show they're the No. 1 team in the NFL and wrestle away the top spot in the power rankings away from the Falcons. It's doubtful that they'll get a shot at the top spot until the Falcons lose a game; however, that doesn't mean that they haven't already stirred some Super Bowl talk.

In Ryan Van Bibber's latest power rankings for SB Nation, he discusses the possibility of a Super Bowl game between the Texans and Falcons:

2. Houston Texans (LW: 2, 6-1): If the Texans and the Falcons met in the Super Bowl, it would be a very good game. And a very boring one, as devoid of personalities as they are rife with talent.

While most do, not everyone has the Texans in the No. 2 spot, as Pete Prisco of CBS Sports gave the Chicago Bears that spot for the second week in a row. Instead Prisco says the Texans are the third-best in the league:

3. They come off their bye as the class of the AFC. The schedule might be tougher than expected with the way the Colts are playing.

They are the No. 2 team in most rankings, though, as the panel of experts at even gave the Texans some consideration for the top spot. Two of the 13 experts on the panel gave the Texans a first-place vote, although it wasn't enough to top the Falcons for the No. 1 spot.

The season will resume for the Texans on Sunday when they host the Buffalo Bills before traveling to Chicago for a big game against the Bears.

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