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Texans vs. Bears: Danieal Manning set for a 'businesslike' homecoming

Houston safety Danieal Manning faces his former team Sunday night when the Bears host the Texans.

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

Houston Texans safety Danieal Manning faces his former team Sunday night when the Texans hit the road to play the Chicago Bears. The Bears drafted Manning, and he played in Chicago the first five years of his career before making him an offer he didn't see as fair, which allowed him to hit the free-agent market and sign with Houston.

As Manning told the Houston Chronicle, he'll try not to make Sunday's reunion in Chicago an emotional and will try to keep it businesslike, even though at one point he hoped to stay there his entire career:

"It's almost like a marriage," Manning said. "You meet a person, you get married, plan to be with that person for the rest of your life. ... So my mindset was stuck on, ‘This is the team.'"

Manning has an interception and 32 tackles this season for the Texans. In his seventh season, Manning has 10 career picks, seven of which came in his first five seasons in Chicago. Manning said he wasn't pleased with the way the Bears didn't keep him in their plans following his fifth season:

"They made an offer, they really did, but not a fair-value offer in my opinion," Manning said. "I didn't think it was fair enough to me and what I've done for that team. But in all honesty, they feel like it was the best deal for them. They're going to do what's best for them, and I feel like I'm doing what's best for me."

The Texans and Bears, both 7-1, play on Sunday Night Football at 7:20 p.m. CT.

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