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Texans vs. Titans 2012: Houston fans giddy after clinching playoff spot

Texans fans are ripe with excitement after watching the Texans clinch a playoff berth this week, and set a franchise record in wins.

Thomas B. Shea

The Houston Texans dismantled the Tennessee Titans in Week 13, winning with ease, 24-10. With the win, the Texans officially clinched a spot in the playoffs, and the 11 wins constitutes a franchise record -- and it's only Week 13.

Needless to say, Texans fans are excited about the win, and about the success the Texans have had so far in 2012.

Over at Battle Red Blog, SB Nation's Houston Texans blog, Texans fans are overjoyed and discussing their happiness -- and have invited all Texans fans to join on their mini e-celebration.

In this thread, discuss the following:

Houston clinching a playoff spot.
Tennessee LOL.
How great Justin James Watt is.
Darryl Sharpton having better hands than Kendall Wright.
11-1, because oh my goodness, things just got real, y'all.
Most wins in a Texans' season throughout history.

Though Texans fans will likely enjoy the win for a few more days, Houston does have more work to do. In Week 14, the Texans will travel to Foxborough, Mass., to take on the New England Patriots, in what could be an AFC title game preview. Houston's date against New England could have implications on the AFC playoff seeding as well.

Still, Texans fans will enjoy this win for the coming days -- and rightfully so.

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