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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Houston goes for Sylvester Williams in SB Nation mock

SB Nation's latest NFL Mock Draft has the Texans going for North Carolina DT Sylvester Williams.


The Houston Texans could have clinched the No. 1 seed in the AFC with a strong end to the regular season, but instead dropped two straight games and ended up with the No. 3 spot. Their draft position will be determined by how their playoff run goes, but they clearly could still use a piece or two to add to their AFC South-winning squad.

SB Nation's latest 2013 NFL Mock Draft has the Texans going for defensive depth on the front line. Specifically, defensive tackle Sylvester Williams out of North Carolina:

Although defensive coordinator Wade Phillips often prefers nose tackles in his scheme to be smaller, Williams has the athleticism to fit in his system. On Houston's line, nose tackle Shaun Cody is the weak link and Williams would be an upgrade.

The Texans have also been getting wide receivers and tight ends mocked to them in some drafts so they can add weapons to Matt Schaub's offense besides Andre Johnson. The receiving weapons angle and the defensive depth angle are probably the most likely two angles we're going to continue seeing for the Texans going into the off-season, even if they can manage to win the franchise's first Super Bowl in February.

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