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Arian Foster Free Agency: Avoiding 'The Poison Pill' Contracts

The National Football Post has an interesting look at a new preventative measure being taken by the NFL to avoid "poison pill" contracts used to pry protected players away from their current clubs. In short, an outside team can make an offer to a protected player, but used to be able to insert bizarre provisions and stipulations that would make it impossible for the current club to match that offer, which they have the right to do.


How does this affect the Houston Texans? The two biggest protected free agents on the market are Pittsburgh wide receiver Mike Wallace and the Texans' Arian Foster. The new collective bargaining agreement freezes the potential for "the poison pill" tactic among teams who tender restricted free agents. So rest assured, if the Texans lose Foster, it's not because of contractual poisoning.


Who suddenly wants to play "Clue?"


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