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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Ryan Tannehill Could Land With Seattle Seahawks

Texas A&M will benefit from having a first round quarterback among their recent alumni, and it’s looking as if Ryan Tannehill’s stock is going to be high enough for A&M’s coaches to brag about it. In Don Banks’ recent mock for the 2012 NFL Draft, he has Tannehill going at No. 12 overall, where Christian Ponder went last year, to the Seattle Seahawks.

Banks writes, “An immediate disclaimer to hopefully ward off frantic calls from Seattle radio stations: I don’t know for a fact that Pete Carroll is high on Tannehill, but I do know the Seahawks have to find competition for Tarvaris Jackson in the first or second round (barring a big signing in free agency), and more NFL scouts all the time tell me that Tannehill will end up in the first round before this thing is done. I’m connecting dots here, folks.”

While this is a shot in the dark for the actual team or selection, it does show the general area that Tannehill could go in. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if Tannehill slips into the latter half of the draft’s top ten if he impresses at the NFL Combine and/or the A&M Pro Day. At this point there are more quarterback needy teams than there are viable options to select from. That’s a winning scenario for Tannehill.

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