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Ben Tate Trade Rumors: Cleveland Browns Reportedly Interested In Houston Running Back

The two-headed monster that the Houston Texans have a running back could be in jeopardy if the Cleveland Browns manage to land a trade with the Texans for Ben Tate, who is coming off a breakout second season in the NFL after being plagued by injuries in his rookie year.

Since the Browns let Peyton Hillis test free agency, Cleveland would feature Tate as its No. 1 back to replace Hillis, according to report by ESPN Cleveland.

I have heard some rumblings recently that the Browns may explore a trade with Houston for backup running back Ben Tate. When asked about that possibility, a league source said, "I haven't heard anything along those lines but let's put it this way it wouldn't surprise me." - Will Burge, ESPN Cleveland

Tate ran for 115 yards against the Browns in 2011 and was serviceable whenever Arian Foster was suffering with his hamstring injury.

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