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2012 NFL Free Agency: Mario Williams Still In Buffalo

It's been a long, strange first 21 hours of free agency on the Houston Texans front. It looked like former No. 1 overall pick Mario Williams was not going to leave Buffalo, signing a huge contract with the Bills. Then, last night, reports came out that Williams was leaving Buffalo without a deal and had scheduled other meetings.

Now, it seems Williams has brought his fiancee to Buffalo this morning and is in no hurry to leave. Does that mean he's Buffalo-bound?

Oh, and just for good measure, Lance Zeirlein tweeted that a new, pretty good team has entered the Williams fray. Who could that be? Well, it'd have to be a 4-3 team, since apparently Williams wants to go back to defensive end. Who does that leave? The New Orleans Saints and Cincinnati Bengals both fit the bill, but it's an open question whether they have the cap room to make that work. The Atlanta Falcons also fit that bill along with the Detroit Lions. Other than that? I'm stumped...

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