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2012 NFL Free Agency: Mario Williams Stays In Buffalo For Third Day, No Deal Yet

Do you want the latest news on Mario Williams? Well, he's still in Buffalo. Shocking, I know...

Things can change quickly in free agency, but one thing that hasn't is this absurdly long visit Mario Williams is taking in Buffalo. Seriously, it's gone on for like two weeks at this point. What does he need to see?

Even though he's threatened to continue on and visit other teams, WIlliams is sleeping on the Bills' latest offer, thought to top $50 million in guaranteed money. That'd easily make Williams the highest-paid defensive player in the league, topping what Julius Peppers got from the Bears by about $10 million.

Is that enough to make him stay in Buffalo, a team that has had little success in the recent past? Who knows? What we do know is it's looking bleaker and bleaker for the Texans to retain any of their own free agents, as Joel Dreesen is visiting the Saints, Mike Brisiel is in Oakland and Chris Myers is visiting Tennessee.

If Myers is the only significant free agent kept, it'll be a coup for Houston, since he's pretty important to that whole "offensive line continuity" thing. But, if he wants big money, the Titans or the Packers are probably prepared to give him more than the Texans can offer.

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