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2012 NFL Draft: Ryan Tannehill Is A Potential Top-5 Pick

Former Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Ryan Tannehill has been shooting up the draft boards and with NFL teams afraid of passing up on a franchise quarterback it could benefit Tannehill. Tannehill was thought to be a late first round pick, but with the recent trade between the Washington Redskins and St. Louis Rams where the Redskins are expected to take Baylor's Robert Griffin III, it is making other teams nervous about not getting a potentially great quarterback.

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The Miami Dolphins are interested in drafting Tannehill at No. 8 and it makes sense since his former head coach Mike Sherman is now the offensive coordinator with the Dolphins. However, Peter King of Sports Illustrated believes that to get Tannehill the Dolphins may have to move up from No. 8:

If not at No. 4, Tannehill could be had at No. 7 via a trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars, according to the Florida Times-Union's Tania Ganugli:

Tania Ganugli, Jaguars general manager Gene Smith would gladly entertain offers for their seventh-overall selection. "I know there's a lot of interest in Tannehill," he said.

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