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Matt Schaub Injury Update: Texans Quarterback Spending Every Offseason Morning In Rehab

The Houston Texans offense is as dynamic as any in the NFL. When the running tandem of Arian Foster and Ben Tate are able to create room for Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson to connect, it’s an offense that can move the chains on any down they desire, it seems. But Matt Schaub is at the center of it all and much of the Texans’ offseason attention is on his Lisfranc injury and the rehab to get through it.

Schaub, for his part, says he’s showing up every morning this offseason to do what it takes to get ready for the season.

“Those guys all do a phenomenal job,” Schaub said of the training staff. “All the things they have to deal with on a day-to-day basis in the season and now in the offseason, having to deal with all the guys that are rehabbing little nicks and bruises or surgeries and whatnot, just to get us ready for OTAs and training camp, it’s a year-round thing for them. They do a great job of putting together our rehab plans and getting us back healthy.”

“I’m here every day, working out, working on my foot and just rehabbing everything,” Schaub continues “Everything’s going real well. I’m here each day ‘til about noon, and then my offseason consists of taking care of my kids and being over there with the family. So that’s the fun part.”

Last year, the Texans became the new power in the AFC South and the Colts and Jaguars seem a long way from being a threat to that with new quarterbacks under center. The Titans also need some work, and it’s clear the Texans could be the class of the division for some time. Schaub needs to be healthy enough to take them to the next level.

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