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Texans Free Agency: Chris Myers Says He Wants To Stay With Team And Packers' Rumored Interest Is Wrong

The Houston Texans have some major decisions to make on both sides of the ball with their star running back Arian Foster as a restricted free agent and defensive leader Mario Williams coming back from injury as an unrestricted free agent. But another along the offensive line, center Chris Myers, says he also wants to come back to the team despite recent rumors to the contrary.

Earlier we posted that the Packers were reportedly interested in Myers, but he says that’s something he knows nothing about.

“News to me, man,” Myers told 610 AM in Houston. “I don’t know what was going on. I’m just like anyone else reading that type of stuff, but it is what it is.

“In the long run, I want to be here in Houston, so that’s what I’ve been telling everybody when everyone asks me stuff, and that’s what it sums up to be. I want to be here. I want to see things through, and that’s the way it is. So that’s kind of the bottom line of my thinking.”

Myers made the AFC Pro Bowl team last season for the first time.

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