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2012 NFL Draft Order: Texans Picks Are Set

A significant part of the Houston Texans fan base doesn't quite understand what the franchise has been doing with itself this offseason, after not re-signing Mario Williams and letting DeMeco Ryans and Eric Winston go free.

But the upcoming draft could remedy all of that, especially since these picks are going to come a lot cheaper than those veterans. Check this link for a complete look at the 2012 NFL Draft order.

Here is a look at what the Texans are working with:

1st Round: 26th overall

2nd Round: No. 26 in the round and 58th overall

3rd Round: No. 13 in the round and 76th overall via Philadelphia Eagles

4th Round: No. 4 in the round and 99th overall via Tampa Bay Buccaneers via Eagles

5th Round: No. 26 in the round and 161th overall

6th Round: No. 26 in the round and 195th overall pick

7th Round: No. 26 in the round and 233rd overall pick

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Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.