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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Peter King Has Texans Taking LSU WR Rueben Randle

With the 2012 NFL Draft less than a week a way there are still mock drafts popping up and the consensus for a long time has been that the Houston Texans are going to select a wide receiver with their first pick with the idea to find a complimentary wide receiver to Andre Johnson.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated has come out with his first round mock draft and he falls in line with having the Texans select a wide receiver. King does add a caveat by saying who the team should pick, and in the Texans spot King has wide receiver Stephen Hill from Georgia Tech.

Here is King's evaluation on the Texans pick:

26. Houston Texans WR Rueben Randle LSU
Kendall Wright makes sense if he lasts this long, but Randle is a good fallback. Houston thinks that at 6-4 and 210 pounds he'll be another matchup problem along the lines of Andre Johnson. What team has the corners to cover two wideouts 6-3 or taller? Then again, if that's the logic, I'd take [Stephen] Hill, who's bigger (6-5) and a speed threat.

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