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Houston, The Arts Need You: Donate To 'Bum Phillips, The Opera'

Once the initial concept weirdness of "Bum Phillips: The Opera," wears off, you're probably thinking this is an elaborate internet prank, a send-up of bizarre KickStarter projects in general, or just some snarky hipster meta-irony comedy project. It's none of that, and after you watch this, you'll agree - a Bum Phillips Opera would be really damn cool:

"Love Ya Blue" could do more to bridge the gap between Orchestra seats and bleacher bums than any single form of commercial art in years - and a large Italian woman could end up playing Wade Phillips, but only because Wade already resembles such and given the medium, it's a perfect fit (and that's all the Opera jokes we've got on file).

The "if" and the "could" have to do with financing - the team behind this project needs funding, and interested parties can donate as little as one dollar to fund the opera here. The deadline is the end of April, so make the coolest tax-deductible donation to the arts humanly possible, Texans fan.

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Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.