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Houston Texans Are Bundling Their Picks

It seems like the Houston Texans figured there was no point in having a seventh round pick and the difference between the quality of a second round pick and a third rounder wasn't significant enough to hold on to that seventh round selection.

So, the Texans are bundling up.

Houston is sitting on seven picks in the third through sixth rounds. They just spent that first third round pick filling their need at the wide receiver position by taking Ohio State receiver Devier Posey. The Texans pick again with the 13th pick in the third round and the 76th overall selection.

Texans and longtime NFL insider John McClain thinks the team could draft a kicker for the first time in team history. That would be so wild.

You know why? It's because that speaks to how good the Texans are, when they can just hold all of these picks in their hands and go grab a kicker with it. It'll be interesting to see how the team is graded when this is all said and done, and even more interesting to see how much any of it matters.

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