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Houston Texans Release Wide Receiver Jacoby Jones

The under-producing Jones is gone from Houston, an expected move after the Texans took two receivers during this past weekend's Draft.

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Beware the ides of playoff fumbles: The Houston Texans have released wide receiver Jacoby Jones, Houston's first major roster casualty after the 2012 NFL Draft:

The move should come as absolutely no shock for Houston fans - Jones has been public enemy No. 1 after muffing a punt in the Texans' playoff loss to Baltimore, and the front office tried to trade him before the Draft, but found no takers. After the weekend's moves - Houston spent a third and a fourth round pick on Ohio State's Devier Posey and Michigan State's Keshawn Martin - it was clear the organization was looking to upgrade and move on.

Jerome Solomon of the Houston Chronicle broke down exactly what "upgrade" entailed in a brutal assesment of Jones, who caught only 31 passes all season in 2011:

There are other factors – the Texans had one of the best running games in the league and rookie T.J. Yates had to start the final five regular-season games at quarterback after injuries to Matt Schaub and Matt Leinart – but 31 receptions for a guy once described as a co-No. 2 receiver is a pitiful total. There were 132 players in the NFL, including 81 receivers, who caught more.

If the Texans' Draft class - defense, defense, defense and two wide receivers - didn't say it loudly enough, that about does.

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