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NFL 2012 Lines Released: Houston Texans Favored To Sweep AFC South

Cantor Gaming, an oddsmaking company, has released their early, early, early lines for the 2012 season, at least for the first 16 weeks of the season (because assigning a line to a game played seventh months from now would be crazy, as opposed to six months and three weeks). The Houston Texans are favored in nine of Cantor's projections, and a pick 'em against Green Bay and Denver.

What's notable is that in the eyes of Vegas, Houston is expected to absolutely decimate the AFC South, save for what could be close games against the Titans. The Texans are favored in five of six games - the final week of the season put the Texans at Indy - and by such notable margins as 10-plus against Jacksonville and Indianapolis at home.

For a complete list, click here.

(Games in which Houston is favored are bolded):

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